Enjoy a Good Bottle of Wine with Our Vip escorts New York

Are you dreaming of a perfect date in New York? Well, we suggest you think about ordering a good bottle of wine, having a waiter bringing it up to you with, opening it, pouring out two glasses, placing it in an ice bucket, and leaving you to drink and enjoy, with the company of a beautiful Manhattan escort!

Wine tasting, or sharing a lovely bottle of wine, is an intimate way to spend an evening. You can choose how to do it, where to do it, and of course, which wine to drink. And if you don’t know wine well, there are lots of experts who do.

Sharing a bottle of wine in a New York hotel, bar, or restaurant is a lovely way to share an evening. A bottle of good wine is fabulous, almost as fabulous as the company you keep. You can romance your date with a nice bottle of wine, red, white, or champagne. You can invite one of our New York escorts out for an evening, pair wine with dinner, slow music, chocolate, or even a bunch of roses. You can do it in a hotel room, a cocktail bar or a lounge. And there are many specialist wine tasting bars in New York where you can enjoy a wonderful evening.

Here are some of our top ideas for enjoying wine with an escort, in the most luxurious and sophisticated way, although we do think the coziest way is in your hotel!

The Aldo Sohm Wine Bar

The Aldo Sohm is midtown and, while it has a pretty casual atmosphere, is extremely upper class when it comes to wine. They have an enormous selection, and the sommeliers will recommend wines to you and your date, one of our elite escorts in New York. You can drink wine by the glass, and enjoy light food too. This is perfect if you are going to the theatre, before or after.

La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels

You will impress your date in this luxurious and upmarket wine tasting bar. The sommelier is famous and has an extraordinary wine collection. Sit at the bar, choose one of the cozy tables, and lap up the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. A great place for a first date!

Masseria dei Vini

This is a restaurant and wine bar with great food and an excellent selection of wines. It’s outdoor dining, and they have over 370 wine labels. The staff here are excellent and will help you and your date, a glamorous Manhattan escort, who will fit right at home at Masseria dei Vini, easily select a bottle.

You do need to book for the above places. If you have not had time to prepare or book a wine tasting event or dinner, you can go to any of the top hotels in Manhattan. They have beautiful bars, and in fact, the King Cole Bar at St. Regis is one of the absolute best. Bemelman’s Bar at The Coleman is also incredible, and you will definitely have a sophisticated and beautiful evening.

Enjoy wine in your hotel

If you are looking for ease or are tired and don’t want to go out, elite escorts New York make fabulous companies in your hotel. Hotels in New York, and we are sure you are staying in a luxurious one, always have good bars and offer the room service option. Choose a bottle of champagne, a good robust red wine, or a delicate white, and enjoy a quiet evening in the comfort of your room.

Drinking wine together is sophisticated, elite and luxurious. You can even buy a bottle beforehand, either at one of New York’s fabulous liquor stores, or if you’re lucky enough, from Christie’s Auction House. Chamber Street Wines have a great selection, as do Flatiron Wine and Spirits.

Discuss your date plans with your Manhattan escort. If you are doing a fancy hotel, she will dress accordingly. If it’s outdoor dining in Manhattan, she will know what to wear. If you’re sipping wine on a cozy couch, she’ll be prepared. New York escorts love exploring the city, trying new food and new wines, and always enjoy a sophisticated and upmarket experience.

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